Hiring is a long and hard process. Even a small decision can result in a big change in your results. Here is one such suggestion that I highly recommend you to try.
Want to increase your joining ratio? Think beyond a carrot and stick approach and use things like "reverse interviews" to increase your joining ratio…
Just like how sales and marketing people understand their target audience first, a recruiter should understand the target candidate. Hiring can become…
While hiring for pedigree makes sense, it makes sense for companies for invest in finding and grooming different talent pools.
Wondering why people look enthusiastic in the hiring process but don't join eventually? Try finding gaps in your candidate experience and fill them up…
Recruiting has been a well defined process. However, in the future, it will need to be creative to beat the competition and attract the right talent.
This is the first post in this newsletter, so let’s begin with a good news. Hiring activity has rebounded to pre-Covid levels The Covid-19 hiring…
Hello, I’m a founder at CutShort (https://cutshort.io) - an #AI enabled #recruitment platform used by 10,000+ companies to hire relevant talent without…
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